Programming is my Suduko; it’s a fun way to spend a few hours, carefully working on a problem that doesn’t need to be solved in the first place. Here are my finished Suduko puzzles.

= Summer ’12


A Map of Twitter Usage in R – July 15th 2012

A world map showing the distribution of tweeters over a 50 minute period, with about 600, 000 data points. Made using maps, ggplot2 and GIMP in a few hours.

A Traceroute Map of the Top 50 websites in R – July 27th 2012

Another world map, showing  the traceroute path to each of the top 50 websites. This project was a perfect example of the 80:20 rule; it took a few hours to gather the data and make a preliminary plot, and a lot more to polish the final result. Dependencies credited within.

A Map of Facebook Friend Geotag Data in R – August 2nd 2012

All fully anonymous and uncategorised, of course. This project was made very quickly, using functional programming techniques to try get from a blank script to a readable graphic in as short a time possible. Made using maps, gglot2 and rjson.

Visualising My Statistics in R – August 14th 2012

A map showing the views by country of my graphic design blog, I also included a section on evaluating strings as code, and function matching. Made using maps and ggplot2.

Visualising the Composition of the Human Body in R – August 23rd 2012

A simple ggplot detailing the elemental composition of the human body. Made using parallel, XML, ggplot2 and stringr.

= Autumn ’12


Efficient Recursion and Phylogenetic Trees in R – September 14th 2012

A phylogenetic tree made with a simple distance metric; the memoised longest-common subsequence function. Not exactly accurate, given that I only compared one sequence between taxa. Made using ape.

= Winter ’12


A Query Builder for the Twitter Streaming API – December 11th 2012

A simple but pretty app to help build queries for the Twitter Steaming API, made using Shiny.

Self-Avoiding Walks in R- December 24th 2012

A function that generates all self-avoiding walks of length n, as a walk over a 2d-lattice centred at (0,0).  The problem is (probably) NP-Hard, so don’t expect quick runtime for n > 10. Made using R and igraph

The Neighbour-Joining Algorithm in R – December 24th 2012

A version of the Neighbour-Joining Algorithm I implemented for my Mathematical Molecular Biology class. My favourite script to date. Takes a distance matrix (possibly named) and returns the phenetic tree with the smallest summed  branch lengths at each step, in Newick format.

CodeR  0.9 – January 12th 2013

A beta version of a function which compiles statistics about your R scripts; code length and shape over time, as well as function usage. Future versions will be neater and have a few extra features, but currently 80% 50% of the functionality is present.


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